segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2009

Então eu vou meter aqui o meu diário da Páscoa de Inglês.
No inicio deste 3º período, a professora achou que muitos meninos andavam a dar muitos erros e, como este é o nosso ultimo ano de inglês isto não podia continuar... e graças a isso, ela decidiu que nós tínhamos de fazer um diário sobre as nossas ferias da Páscoa.

Eu fiz o meu e tive um misero 17! Ela disse que "falaste muito do primeiro dia e segundo dia... no terceiro, fizeste tudo a pressa!" mal sabe a pobre coitada da senhora que eu fiz tudo na véspera!

A única pessoa que pode testemunhar isto, é a minha querida Andreia Filipa que foi comigo na viagem... Ambas sabemos que a viagem para o porto foi só gossip e por isso, decidi mudar algumas coisas...

Ainda bem que não aconteceu desta forma, mas, quando disse que tinha sido meio inventado, perguntaram-me se não queria continuar a historia...

Ahh, e é verdade... não há erros corrigidos aqui E, a professora disse que "escreves demasiadas vezes awesome..."

My Easter's Diary

Sunday, 5th of April, 2009

Hey diary! Did you missed me? Yeah... I know... I've missed you too... So, I Must say... It's 8.30 a.m. And I'm at Lagoa's terminal to catch my bus... Lord! I hate this! I've been waiting for fifteen minutes... I was definably not born to wait this long... and I must say... I can't wait till the 7 hours inside the bus... Why did I choose go to Porto? I think something near would be better? But, I've spend 30euros on my ticket... I can't go back... besides, Filipa is waiting for me in Lisbon to com with me to Porto... She never went there... can you believe this?

8.45 a.m. FINALLY! THE BUS IS HERE! I think I'm gonna cry... finally! I've been waiting for about 30 minutes for this bus, and you know what did the motorist said?! “Sorry, but my mother said that she would miss me a lot...” Whoa?! Let's recap: I have been waiting this long, with my mother crying because I was leaving, because the motorist was with his mother?! I'm not gonna ask about respect or dignity... but, what if I had an appointment..? I was going to be late! And besides... He was working... he had time to be here!

9.15 a.m. So, we were supposed to be on our way to Lisbon, BUT, apparently, we need to go to BEJA, because the motorist needed to go there to catch something to this mother... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! I can not stop to repeat to myself “this is not happening to me, this is not happening to me...” I swear to God I will never travel on a bus again.

10.45 a.m. We've just arrived to Beja.

11.05 a.m. We are on our way to Lisbon... Hope nothing else happen... We have got precisely 55 minutes to arrive to Lisbon or I'll start screaming... or not... i don't know if i'm capable of doing that. Or maybe I am... I don't know... lets see...

11.36 a.m. The motorist just said to us that we wero probably going to be late for 45 minutes... GREAT! I'll have 15 minutes to lunch... How am I gonna do that?! AND, better! He just said that we were not gonna stop at a Service Station... apparently, WE HAVE NO TIME... and why is that..? And the cherry on top of the cake is that I had no time to take my breakfast... I'm here fasting... Isn't that awesome..?

12.34 p.m. We are finally in Lisbon. I'm here with Filipa and I just saw a bunch of guys from liceu... how is that possible..? Are they stalking me? We need to be at the bus station at 13 p.m. I have to go lunch now... I'm starved!

13.01 p.m. Heey! It's a miracle..! not a christmas miracle, but maybe a easter miracle..! We are inside of the bus and, we are leaving Lisbon. And you know what? It is not the same motorist! I guess the only thing I can say right now is MUAHAHAAHHA.

16.32 p.m. We have just arrived to my sisters house. I'm glad we are finally here! I've missed so much my sister's dog Adomuka! We've got a movie to see! Hurray! It's “Into The Wild”! It is with that girl from that vampire movie... What's the name? Oh right, TWILIGHT! :D

19.57 p.m. So, my sister is crying like there is no tomorrow... My brother in law gave us the idea of a Pizza for dinner. And i think it is a great idea! I think that after that I'll go to sleep. It was a biiig day. A very, veery long day.

Monday, 6th of April, 2009

So, it's 8.30p.m. And I really need to write this, so, let me see what I did today...

To tell you the truth, it was a awesome day! Really! I really loved! For the first time in so many days, I finally felt free: no school, no worries, no nothing! And I really needed this! Still, I'm exausted, but it worth it! So, diary, I'll tell you all about it.

Me and Filipa and my sister went to visit Porto. It is really a beautifull town! While we were walking to Santa Catarina's street, we saw Fly london's store and I was talking about algarve's accent and I was very exited saing “bariiil” and, suddenly I saw a man staring at me. He was stunned looking at me! And I was repeting and repiting “I was just kiddng!” he was well over about 5 minutes and the only thing that I could do besides repiting and repiting that over and over again, was laughting..! When all that thing was over, we really seemed like real tourists... and in some strange way, it kind of felt good.

We went to the Palacio de Cristal. It was soo cute! I really loved it! And, the view! It was really awesome!

After that, we we to Gaia. It is just across the river. The other side os Porto. It's cute too. We can see Porto from a romantic view... I don't know how to explain it..! It is really awesome.

And I must say, this was all in the morning. Our lunch was at a very cute place at Douro's Foz. The view to the see remembered me Portimão. It is very similar in a strange way... I must say that it is a little scarry.

Anyway... In the afternoon, my sister had to work and so, me and Filipa had the brilliant idea of go by ourselves to make a walk. And you know what? We got lost and we've spend 20euros on the TAXI and METRO! How could this be possible?! I really don't know how this happen! When we told this to my sister, she didn't belive us! We had to show our Metro's tickets. It was really unbelievable! But, this is the kind of things that make life so special and unique. I love when this kind of things happen! I swear! In some ways, it make me feel human!

On our back home, we couldn't belive that he had such a day and that tomorrow it would be the BIG day! We were so exited!

9.34 p.m. My sister is telling me that I should phone my mother... I don't speak to her since yesterday morning... But I don't know... at this hour, probably she is at Il Divo's concert in Lisbon... She was hysterical! I couldn't recognize her! So you can guess how she was...

10.45 p.m. My brother in law hava just arrived! And he is carring 2 Sing Stars! Ieey! Karaoke night! Owh, how i miss that! Lets get this party started!

02.49 a.m. I think I'm gonna sleep... Awesome party! My brother in law's brother came with his girlfriend and much more people and we made 4 teaes. The whole we were 20 people: 5 per team. My team was in 2nd place. Awesome, han? See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 7th of April, 2009

So I must say... Today is the BIG day... We are going to the release of Twilight's DVD at Marshopping. It is going to be legendary! Can't wait for it!

16.05 p.m So we have our invitations for the premier! AWESOME! Now we have just to wait 2 more hours for the real party!

17.12 p.m. So, we are going to meet Ana, a very friend of mine who is coming too.

17.21 p.m. Ana is here with us. She is couting the minutes and the seconds. More 39 minutes.

18.02 p.m. So, we are at the cinema's amphitheater to see the movie for the last time at the big screen, plus the extras!

19.29 p.m. We are on the break. OH MY GOD! This girls are so hysterical! I don't know if I can stand this anymore! I think I'm screem for them to shut up!

20.42 p.m. So the movie is over. And, i did not scream. Somebody made it before me. Thank God! We have got 15 minutes to dinner and then go to the Fnac and wait to midnight.

22.49 p.m. Oh look! RTPN is comming on our direction!

23.11 p.m. Okay... So, Oh My God! WE WERE INTERVIEWED! OH MY GOD! We are going to be on television! I Can't believe it!

00.01 a.m. IEEY! So the DVD is officialy released in Portugal... Now, I need to wait till I get mine! This was awesome! There were a concert, and, contests! I didn't won anything but, I'M ON TELEVISION!

02.14 a.m. So, finally I've got my DVD! But it is not just a DVD, it's a special DVD, with a box. It is numerated! Mine is number 12! And there is only 200 in Portugal! I am very proud!

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Sr. Resende disse...

Só li a última parte. "But it is not just a DVD, it's a special DVD, with a box. "


Filipa disse...

Os professores são tão injustos... O teu texto está espectacular e a tua professora ainda reclama. Se queria melhor, que fizesse ela!

Parabéns Catarina!

Catarina disse...

Obrigada :'))

btw, Diogo, és a pessoa mais querida que eu conheço ._.